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Advanced Course on Strangulation Prevention - Fort Worth, TX

pending approval as of 3/4/19

This course has been specifically created for professionals seeking to improve the investigation and prosecution of strangulation cases in their communities. The course will equip attendees with strategies to properly assess for non-fatal strangulation, advocate for the specific medical and safety needs of strangulation survivors, and provide you with the tools you need to testify as an expert witness. The course will provide an in-depth examination of:

  • The most current research on domestic violence and sexual assault strangulation crimes

  • Medical signs and symptoms of strangulation assaults

  • Long term consequences, delayed death, and fatal strangulation

  • Investigative strategiesreport writing and interviewing witnesses

  • Clinical documentation of strangulation signs and symptoms

  • Development of local experts

  • Use of experts in court, including tips for testifying

  • Strategies for advocacy and working with traumatized victims

  • Best practicesresources, and implementation strategies 

This course consists of 3 full days of training. To receive full credit for the course,attendees must attend all 3 days, complete mandatory assignments, and sign-in daily.

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