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This joint event comprises the 20th Nordic Conference on Forensic Medicine (NCFM) and the 4th Annual Meeting of the Nordic Association of Forensic Toxicologists (NAFT). The conference will present the latest developments in forensic medicine, toxicology, genetics, odontology and related disciplines.

The theme of the conference, "Getting ready for new challenges in the society", represents new thinking within forensic medicine. In the rapidly changing society, the role of highly educated forensic experts is increasingly important. The experts are needed for the investigation of the consequences of terrorism and the refugee matter as well as for the everyday casework on cause of death and crime.

A challenge within forensic medicine is the continuity and progress of research and education while occupied university posts are decreasing in number. Consequently, the present conference strives to promote networking of professionals from the academia, national institutions, private sector and vendors, in order to make innovations possible together. Numerous lectures, posters and workshops encourage sharing new research results, but the enjoyable social programme is equally important for mutual contacts.

We are happy to host this Joint Conference in the lively city of Helsinki with more than two hundred participants from all the Nordic Countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, as well as from other countries. In addition, we have eleven exhibitors/sponsors supporting our conference with their products and know-how.

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