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Advanced Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training - Las Vegas, NV

Training Topics

Introduction to Human Trafficking • Preventing the Sexual Assault of Children • The Effects of Trauma on Memory and Behavior • Identifying Signs of Strangulation • Making Sure that Orders for DV Protection Work • Stalking/Cyber Stalking • Family Related Homicide/Suicide Awareness and Prevention • Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault • DV in Law Enforcement and Military Families • Law Enforcement and Victim Service Providers Liability • The Nexus between Animal Abuse and Violence Against Humans • Do Batterers’ Intervention Programs Work? • Bystander Intervention in DV “How You Can Help”

Who Should Attend

Law Enforcement Officers, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Victim Advocates, Prosecutors, Native American Leaders, Social Workers, Mental Health Workers, Educators, Substance Abuse Counselors, Rape Treatment Center Workers, Nurses, Batterers’ Intervention Counselors, Military Police, SHARPs, and SARCs.

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