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35th International Symposium on Child Abuse - Huntsville, AL

It’s a new look, but it’s still the premiere conference for child maltreatment professionals.

For 35 years, child maltreatment professionals have come together at the Symposium to share knowledge, stories, and a passion.


In our new logo, the winding ribbon binds us to our humble beginnings and yet shows us how the mission to protect children now unites our entire planet. It reminds us that child abuse is not limited to one country, one economic status, one gender, one race. We must all work together to create a world where children can grow up, free from abuse.

The 35th International Symposium on Child Abuse

The International Symposium on Child Abuse is the premiere conference that provides expert training and networking opportunities to professionals in the child maltreatment field. This conference is unique in addressing all aspects of child maltreatment, including but not limited to physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, exposure to violence, poly-victimization, exploitation, intervention, trafficking, and prevention. Child abuse professionals also learn important techniques to manage the impact of vicarious trauma.

The 35th International Symposium on Child Abuse offers more than 160 workshops. The tracks are designed with specific fields in mind, including Administration, Child Protective Services, Forensic Interviewing, Human Trafficking/Sexual Exploitation, Law Enforcement, Medical, Mental Health/Treatment, Prevention, Prosecution/Legal, Secondary Traumatic Stress, Victim Advocacy and Youth-Serving Organization.

Save The Date

Clear your calendar for the 35th International Symposium on Child Abuse, March 18-21, 2019 in Huntsville, AL.

More information is coming soon including workshops, presenters, hotel information, and more!  For more information: