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Child Homicide Investigations - San Diego, CA

oin us for an intensive training focused on understanding and building relationships between the forensic pathologist, homicide investigator, and prosecutor in successfully investigating and prosecuting child homicide cases. Learn autopsy protocols, forensic essentials, and the criticality of determining the cause and manner of death. Understand the unique aspects of investigating a child homicide including interviewing and interrogation, suspect pool development and the role and importance of the prosecutor in gaining appropriate convictions.


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What's In It For You

Upon completion of this training, you will:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the forensic pathologist, law enforcement investigator, and prosecutor in a child homicide investigation
  • Work with multi-disciplinary teams more collaboratively to make the case stronger
  • Plan and conduct child homicide investigations more effectively by adopting best practices
  • Understand forensic evidence’s role and function and how technology can be leveraged in your homicide investigation
  • Prepare child homicide cases for trial jury and judge presentations more efficiently and determine how grand jury presentations differ

The following would benefit from this training:

• Court System Personnel

• Law Enforcement

• Prosecutors

• Social Workers

• Tribes/Tribal Partners

• Victim Service Providers

Is this training for you?