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23rd International Summit on Violence, Abuse & Trauma - San Diego, CA

Voices Against Violence: Breaking Through the Silence

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  1.  Adult Survivors of Maltreatment & Trauma
  2.  At-Risk Youth
  3.  Child Maltreatment/Adverse Childhood Experiences
  4.  Human & Labor Trafficking
  5.  Intimate Partner Violence Offenders
  6.  Intimate Partner Violence Victims/Survivors
  7.  Legal & Criminal Justice Issues
  8.  Sexual Assault/Sexual Abuse Victimization & Offenders
  9.  Trauma in General
  10.  Trauma in Military Personnel, Veterans & Their Families
  11.  Vulnerable Populations
  12.  Campus Sexual Assault



  1. Youth Dating Violence and Appeasement in the Age of #MeToo
  2. Using Your Existing Data to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Prevention and Treatment Program or Services: Learning by Doing
  3. Desperately Seeking Attachment: How Trauma and Neglect Disrupt Attachment
  4. Protective Practices for Practitioner Burnout
  5. Ethical Dilemmas and Compassion Fatigue; The Interface of Energy Management 
  6. The Intersection of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Domestic Violence (DV)
  7. “It Wasn’t Rape Because She Came”: The Myth of Victim Arousal in Sexualized Violence
  8. Simple and Effective Control of Aggression - 4 Steps: A Therapeutic Method
  9. MEGA♪ Specialized Risk Assessment, Training: Assessing Sexually Abusive Youth, Ages 4-19 years*


Summit Highlights

  1. Earn CEs and specialty certifications to fulfill your annual requirements and refine your skill set.
  2. Network and collaborate with professionals from across disciplines during Poster Session & Welcoming Reception and Awards Luncheon. 
  3. Gain applied knowledge by hearing from acclaimed keynote speakers.
  4. Attend panels and workshops that cover hot-button topics like #MeToo, Campus Sexual Assault, and more.
  5. Refresh your self-care routine by attending a variety of self-care opportunities.