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Suspicious Death Investigations: Finding the Right, Eliminating the Wrong, and Avoiding the Undetermined - Appleton, WI

Join us for our pilot of Suspicious Death Investigations at a special registration fee of just $60! Launching this new offering in Appleton, Wisconsin enables our local community and region to attend training at a discounted rate.

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What's In It For You


Upon completion of this training, you will be able to: 
• Leverage actual case studies to identify key scene findings and correlate or refute those findings with the autopsy results
• Identify how additional information complements or contradicts the scene and autopsy results
• Improve communication between the investigating agencies and the medical examiner's office for better outcomes
• Consider the nature of death scenes to determine the investigative protocol beyond a proclamation of death by emergency personnel
• Understand how the medical examiner determines the cause and manner of death and how the investigation may affect cause and manner of death determination


The following would benefit from this training:

• Law Enforcement

• Prosecutors

• Tribes/Tribal Partners

Is this training for you?

Examine case studies based on the experiences of a homicide detective and forensic pathologist. Identify key scene findings and correlate these findings to the autopsy results. Analyze communication methods between the investigating agencies and the medical examiner's office. Gain understanding of how unique features of a case can affect the direction of the investigation. Discuss the ultimate resolution of each case examined and lessons learned.