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IGNITE 2018 National Prevention Conference - Memphis, TN

IGNITE 2018 - Darkness to Light - National Prevention Conference

It Starts With You

Whether you are an individual, an organization, or a public health institution – You can prevent child sexual abuse.

Ignite 2018 is Darkness to Light’s National Prevention Conference that brings together Darkness to Light Authorized Facilitators, child sexual abuse (CSA) professionals and experts, researchers, and individuals from a wide variety of disciplines who share a commitment to the prevention of child sexual abuse.

The conference will engage attendees on a national level to equip, strengthen, and organize their child sexual abuse prevention initiative as well as provide advanced training, thought provoking interactive sessions, and help individuals and organizations bring back fresh ideas to their communities.

The conference will be held at the Holiday Inn at the University of Memphis located at 3700 Central Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111. Ignite 2018 will be held on October 9th and 10th, 2018, with the Advanced Facilitator Training available on October 8th for Darkness to Light Authorized Facilitators.

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