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About Bell Work Talks:

Since each forensic nurse brings a wide-ranging background of experience and expertise, the BELL Talks presentations are intended to engage the professional in advancing evidence based and best practices in forensic nursing across the continuum of care and in a variety of clinical settings.

The presentations will feature monthly podcasts that will be led by identified experts in the field in order to provide timely information. Formal webinars will be broadcasted and archived for your convenience. Topics will include practice approaches that address contemporary trends and practice issues that challenge forensic nurses.

Join us for these informative presentations that can immediately expand and enhance your clinical forensic practice. We look forward to your feedback and suggestion of topics that you feel could be of interest to the forensic nursing community-at-large.


Kathy Bell MS, RN, DF-AFN

Upcoming BELL WORK Talks

AFN/Forensic Nursing                                                Ms. Diana Faugno 

Strangulation Guidelines – Adults                           Dr. Bill Smock

DNA research                                                                Dr. Pat Speck

Youth Gangs                                                                  Dr. Paul Clements

Childhood Bullying and Adolescent Suicide         Dr. Paul Clements 

Forensic Psych Nursing                                              Dr. Paul Clements

Strangulation Guidelines –Pregnant                       To Be Determined

Strangulation Guidelines – Children                      To Be Determined

Traumatic Experiences                                                To Be Determined

Mental Health Response to Violence                       To Be Determined

Animal Abuse and Relation to IPV                          Ms. Allie Phillips

Hope Theory                                                                 Dr. Chan Hellman

Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention    Ms. Gael Strack Esq.

Family Justice Centers                                                Mr. Casey Gwinn Esq.

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