Sexual Assault Quick Reference 2nd edition

Sexual Assault Quick Reference 2nd edition

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558 pages, 204 images, 97 contributors

For the safety of survivors, and in support of their professional caretakers, Sexual Assault Quick Reference offers comprehensive, accessible guidelines for responding to sexual assault, wherever it occurs.

The revised second edition of Sexual Assault Quick Reference provides updated information on a variety of subjects, all in the same convenient format, including chapters on the physical and forensic evaluation of patients across the life span, identifying and treating STIs (based on the CDC’s 2015 Treatment Guidelines), mental health care for survivors and vicariously traumatized practitioners, and the investigation and prosecution of sexual violence.

Chapter 1. Principles of Sexual Assault at Any Age

Chapter 2. Anogenital Anatomy

Chapter 3. Physical Evaluation of Children

Chapter 4. Forensic Evaluation of Children

Chapter 5. Differential Diagnosis

Chapter 6. Evaluations in Special Situations

Chapter 7. Multidisciplinary Teamwork Issues

Chapter 8. Documentation and Reporting

Chapter 9. Physical Evaluation of Adolescents and Adults

Chapter 10. Forensic Evaluation of Adolescents and Adults

Chapter 11. Sexually Transmitted Infections

Chapter 12. Pregnancy

Chapter 13. Acquaintance and Intimate Partner Rape

Chapter 14. Special Settings

Chapter 15. Psychological and Social Supports

Chapter 16. Caregiver Issues

Chapter 17. Legal Issues, Investigation, and Prosecution

Chapter 18. Sexual Assault Response in the United States Military

Chapter 19. Human Trafficking

Chapter 20. Strangulation in Living Patients

Chapter 21. Risks to Children and Adolescents on the Internet

Photographic Appendix

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Sexual Assault Quick Reference, Second Edition contains easy-to-read, yet comprehensive, material related to caring for the sexual assault survivor. The many professions that make up the multidisciplinary team caring for these victims, including physicians, nurses, emergency responders, social service personnel, attorneys, and law enforcement, will find that this reference includes accurate, up-to-date information and guidelines to assist in the care of these individuals. This pocket reference captures the content of the many areas of knowledge necessary to care for victims of sexual assault and has been written by a team of leaders with insurmountable knowledge and experience in this field. This text is recommended with the highest regards.

Jessica L. Ahmann, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
Family Nurse Practitioner
Children’s Advocacy Center
Bismarck, North Dakota

Sexual Assault Quick Reference is a must-have reference for new SANEs to assist in their assessments, nursing diagnoses, and documentation. Chapter 5, “Differential Diagnosis,” is comprehensive in identifying common normal variants and disease processes that mimic injuries seen in sexual abuse. I recommend this textbook for course coordinators when developing SANE-A/SANE-P course curricula as it covers a wide variety of subjects that should be taught in any SANE curriculum. The Quick Reference is also an excellent guide to SANE program coordinators to reference when developing polices, protocols, or guidelines for their institutions. All health care personnel would benefit from this textbook as it provides the most up-to-date material when working with victims of sexual violence.

Barbra Bachmeir, JD, MSN, NP-C
Nurse Practitioner/Forensic Nurse Examiner
Emergency Department
IU Health-Methodist Hospita
l Indianapolis, Indiana

This textbook would be a valuable reference for any professional or agency that provides services to sexual assault or sexual abuse survivors of any age. The chapters are written by experts in forensic medicine, forensic nursing, forensic DNA analysis, social work, and other specialties relevant to working with victims of sexual assault or sexual exploitation. Chapters include the basic legal definitions of sexual assault, sexual battery, and sexual exploitation; differentiating abuse/assault injuries from nonabuse/nonassault injuries or disease process in a victim of any age; how to form and manage a multidisciplinary team; what to include in the forensic medical report and who will view that report; the chain of custody, combined DNA index system, DNA evidence, and collecting reference samples; sexual assault by an acquaintance or intimate partner and the heavy emotional burden it places on the victim; and issues unique to elder victims living in residential care facilities or when in-home caregivers are suspects.

Thomas Collins, MA, ADN
(Certificate in Forensic Nursing), AAS (Forensic Technology)
Instructor, UCR Extension
Certificate Program in Forensic Nursing
University of California at Riverside
Riverside, California
Clinical Nurse III
University of California, San Diego Health System
San Diego, California

The second edition of Sexual Assault Quick Reference is an excellent resource for all health care providers who see victims of sexual violence. In particular, Chapters 15-21 provide a wealth of new information on topics essential to victim care. Chapter 18, “Sexual Assault Response in the United States Military,” is a practical read for those unfamiliar with the military and how its legal system works. Chapter 20, “Strangulation in Living Patients,” is nothing short of amazing with its color photos and precise breakdown of patient assessment, forensic photography, and signs and symptoms of strangulation that require further investigation and evaluation. I highly recommend this second edition as a go-to resource for professionals who respond to and care for victims of sexual assault.

Cynthia T. Ferguson, PhD, MSN, MPH, MFA, RN, CNM, AFN-BC, D-ABMDI
CDR (ret.) United States Navy
Clinical Forensics Program Consultant
Ferguson Forensics
Palmyra, Virginia