Ep. 3 - Strangulation and Traumatic Injury: What Forensic Nurses Need to Know in an Abused Woman


Jacquelyn C. Campbell, PhD, RN, FAAN is Professor and Anna D. Wolf Chair at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Dr. Campbell’s major area of research is violence against women and associated physical and mental health outcomes, including intimate partner homicide, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, and abuse during pregnancy. She is committed to the collaborative development and testing of interventions for women exposed to violence in the health care, VA, advocacy and judicial systems in the US and globally. She developed and tested the Danger Assessment risk of DV lethality instrument and collaborated on evaluating interventions based on it, interventions that can help end health inequities for marginalized women. Dr. Campbell has mentored an amazingly talented and committed group of interdisciplinary scholars in research on violence against women who have collaborated in conducting her more than 12 major research studies and producing her more than 250 publications and seven books, including the 2017 version of Assessing Dangerousness and the 2011 Family Violence and Nursing Practice.

For more information on the Danger Assessment and to download the Danger Assessment Tool and DA5 please click here.