Ep. 1 - Bell Work Talks

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Bell Work Talks Podcasts

Since each forensic nurse brings a wide-ranging background of experience and expertise, the Bell Work Talks are intended to engage the professional and set the tone for enhancing forensic practice in an array of clinical settings.

 These pod cast presentations (which will additionally be archived for flexibility of viewing) will be conducted by professional practitioners selected to provide evidence-based real-time information regarding practice approaches for contemporary trends and issues that challenge forensic nurses. The majority of presentations will be very time-limited and with content presented in a concentrated format.  Specifically, these will provide critical highlights for practice

 Ms. Bell joined the Tulsa Police Department in 1994. She provides the day to day operations management of the forensic nurse examiner programs. She is responsible for development of replication strategies and training programs that will facilitate other communities in providing forensic nurse examiner services. Ms. Bell is a forensic nurse, performing sexual assault (across the lifespan), drug endangered children, domestic violence, and elder abuse examinations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is designated Distinguished Fellow and Board member of the Academy of Forensic Nursing.

 At the end of this presentation the listener will: Know the development and intent of the Bell Work Talks.


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